Salt Contamination Products - Efflorescence Treatment and Brick Salt Neutraliser

Salt Contamination

Soluble salts in external masonry or areas where damp occurs can lead to staining and damage. Water seeps into unsealed stonework and masonry, then any salts dissolved within the damp areas will form crystals as the moisture dries. This often leads to the salts being deposited of the surface of the masonry as visible stains and build ups known as efflorescence. In many cases the crystallisation is also occurring within small cracks and pores beneath the surface as well which can cause serious damage over time and can result in the surface crumbling away.

Kingfisher provide a number of solutions for removing existing efflorescent staining and preventing water penetration and salt contamination.

Anti-Sulphate (Ground Salt Neutraliser)

Qty: £20.42 (£24.50 EX VAT)

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Eco-Brick Cleaner (Brick Acid replacement)

Qty: £24.49 (£29.39 EX VAT)

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Drywall Renovating Plaster

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Qty: £12.76 (£15.31 EX VAT)

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Aqueous Bitumen

25 Litres Qty: £61.00 (£73.20 EX VAT)

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Clear Epoxy Primer &  Coating



Clear 4 Litres Qty: £48.25 (£57.90 EX VAT)

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Damp Floor Epoxy Sealer Kit

30 kg Kit Qty: £67.98 (£81.58 EX VAT)

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Aqueous DPC (Damp Proof Course) Concentrate

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